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Try Security Journey's Secure Coding Training 

Security Journey offers diverse training content in easy-to-digest lessons that help educate developers and everyone in the SDLC to shift left and build safer applications.

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A Programmatic Approach to AppSec Education

Our multi-year, customizable training programs upskill developers and educate all roles in the development process to deliver measurable results with our AppSec Education Platform.

Security Journey's wide variety of content covers everything from foundational concepts in video-based security conversations to engaging break-and-fix exercises for developers.

Learners report an average of 34% knowledge gain, with some learners improving their knowledge by as much as 85%.


Hands-On Lessons

Give your team HackEDU immersive learning that gives them a space to practice breaking and fixing code.

Hands-On Lesson Demo: SQL Injection

Before diving into the hands-on portion of this lesson, we will start with some background information on Injection, SQL Injection, and SQL Syntax.


Video Lessons

Our easy-to-follow, conversational video lessons offer learners the choice of watching, listening, or reading content.

Video Lesson Demo: Secure Development

In this lesson, we explain a Secure Development Lifecycle and describe the SDL practices and goals for each practice.




Our challenging hands-on experiments put the learner to the test.

Experiment Demo: Node.js: Encoding Output

In this lesson, we explain the concept of XSS and explore how to defend XSS in JavaScript applications. You'll also work on an experiment and need to pass an assessment

Getting Started With Hands-On Secure Code Training Today

The Security Journey AppSec Education Platform is a top-rated solution that brings you:

  • A proven educational program that teaches secure coding best practices through engaging content
  • Tournaments that drive engagement at all experience levels
  • Customizable interface to match your company culture
  • Easy to build and deploy training plans
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