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Cybersecurity Education vs. Awareness

Why a Programmatic Approach to Secure Coding Training Matters

Organizations face mounting consequences for data breaches and application attacks. And the conversation around securing applications focuses on tools and automation. But the human factor is the most important asset to releasing secure code.

Not all developers have a computer science degree. Even those that do have likely not been taught one of the most critical elements of application development: security. Many acknowledge the problem – but this is no longer enough. Instead, we need to go further and embrace education, not simply awareness, around secure coding practices.

We took the issue to a roundtable discussion; asking experts from both industry and academia:  

  • Where does awareness stop and education start?
  • How is secure coding education made possible?
  • What can we do to start bridging the gap between academia and private industry to ensure safe application development is a consideration from the beginning?